SANO Core Values

Foshan SANO Sanitary is one of the companies who is specializing in producing professional sanitary hardware products. It has strong technical strength, refined processing equipment, advanced producing techniques and high precision testing methods. SANO continually develops and explores all kinds of fashionable sanitary products, which are sold at home and abroad.

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Sano company is always dedicated to creating in superior And modem sanitary ware life since is foundation.

Vitality And Passion

Accumulate the life bit by bit,and burst out a power beyond the limit,giving vitality and passion to the unromantic life.


Product quality, service quality, the excellence of quality management and culture quality, can only created the customer satisfaction, user satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social satisfaction!

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Elegance And Extravagance

Passionate lines, diverse and ebullience design,with the delicate lines and diamonds’shining of precious metals tructured a noble elegance and extravagance of jewelry.


sano company is always dediceted to creating in superior and modem sanitary ware life since is foundation.

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sano bathroom accessories

  • pendant series

  • Glass platforms

  • net rack

  • bath towel rack

  • toilet paper box

  • hardware accessories

  • Handrail

  • new product